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MM ma T BEATS MED1CS13-0 MED1CS13-0 MED1CS13-0 An Interesting" and ' Hotly Played'Contest, Catamounts Winning by Virtue of Two Breaks With an aerial attack and a set of trick plays that had varsity bewildered, bewildered, the near-practloners near-practloners near-practloners carried the pigskin to varsity's 12-yard 12-yard 12-yard line where Winks h;aved a forward over the goal line and varsity too'- too'- the ball on the 20--a,-? 20--a,-? 20--a,-? 20--a,-? 20--a,-? 20--a,-? i tripe. Scuta kes made an 80-yard 80-yard 80-yard run for a touchdown on the next play but one of his teammates was holding and he was brought back. Between the hilves of the game, the medic band marched to the Vermont Vermont stands and -formed -formed a V. playing. playing. Champlaln. Then bandmaster Lawrence and his musicians went into a huddle and emerged playing "Red Light on the Track." This brought down a howl from the varsity varsity backers and the band was promptly snowballed. However, it stood Its ground and finally marched Th VrmAnt rtlfw 1fated the . i m ,. nt fnothn 1 bark to the south stands to the stir .games of the year at Centennial Field n tun?' P,rl" VU'V Saturday 13-0. 13-0. 13-0. The contest proved regaled the crowd during time- time- ' , , " .,,' .. mn., ,Tf th louts with such great old songs as in heS. and wUl i th "01 akcn Bucket." "How Dry early season ganvs here and will i Am Hall H-n H-n H-n the Q AU prooao.y Become an i Here" and "Old Gray Mare." rn mi's varsity scnruuic. ( medics! detachment also had ii me game gae in v.,., u , unlqu,. rnrs whlcn they kept boom, of Its touchdowns and It was alert ,n)r rroM th, nP,d playing that enabled the Green and j J(ck TullTf E9ge Moe tnd Wln. Oold to take advantage of the breaks. fhenback were the outstanding medic Varsl'y took the fiHd first and had gUrs vnljs Kendall plaved a great warmed up for nearly 20 minutes Mm. tor varsity. The lineups: The some before the d"KH put in an appearance, Then through the northeast gate came the medic carnival band of umpteen pieces led by Paul Lawrence in a surgeons outfit, including cap and gloves but Instead of surgical instruments instruments he carried the It. O. T. C. baton and the corps leader's whistle. whistle. Six carried a casket labeled labeled the "Varsity Drag- Drag- and to the tune of the march to the dead, the medic band and casket followed by the entire medical student body with bared heads, marched onto the field. An old fashioned' electric conch, one of those runr' uts with batteries to be rerhafged.. every few hours, also put in an appearance appropriately decorated and amb'ed up and down thj Uridines during the contest. Aside from the scrlo-comlc scrlo-comlc scrlo-comlc side of the medical activities, it was a great ball game. Varsity kicked off out wf f bounds on the 8-yard 8-yard 8-yard line and here r-i-ctor r-i-ctor r-i-ctor r-i-ctor r-i-ctor Wtnehen; ck. missed one. With the ball outside he made no Medics re. Eddy VarHy DeWltt. re Young, re re. Pavla re. Schurman Damon, rt rt, Unsworth Nilsen. rt rt. Heb Burstein, rg rg, Waldman Parks, rg rg. Quatran) Huey. c c, Morehouse Levine. c Donaldson, lg lg. Werner Barkman, lg lg. Mackay lg. Morris Foster, It It. Sage It, Kingston It, Judd Allerton. le le. Tully Segal, le le, Ireland le. Howard Sirois. qb qb, Wlnchenback Donnelly, ob qb. Covne Carrigsn, rhb Thb. Fcgg Halliean. rhb rhb. Cerasoli Dorey, lhb lhb. Morse lhb. Bellcrose Kendall, fb fb, Oardner BOWLING attempt to recover it and Kendall wr, io id, iau came charging down the field to fall ! rn tne pigsk.n ana u was varsity a ball cn th medic right-yard right-yard right-yard line. Three times the sawbenes held their own and then on the fourth down fitv. M!1 .lnht tn Dnrev threw a pas to Sirois for the tourhdown. The pass for point grounded. Again varsity kicked off and thli time Winks got the ball and the medics medics made a determined march back to mldfleld. VarMty held and Win Ethan Alien Club Tourney Team 3 In the Ethan Allen bowling tourney outrolled team 18 Saturday evening. 1307-1239. 1307-1239. 1307-1239. and team 19 defeated defeated team . 1315-1280. 1315-1280. 1315-1280. Vrnvmt rhenbacfc got away a great punt for j of team 19 rolled a high single of five yards. Th medics held andim and a high total or 438. The varsity kicked. Time was taken out srorri: fi-.r fi-.r fi-.r Carrlean who was injured and Diw Wallace Lane Total Leary Hooper Brewer Total the medLcs rushed onto the new with the casket but Carrlgan was only dared and the disappointed pa 1 bearers had to lug the empty coffin back to the sidelines. During this first half the medics did all the galn-lsn galn-lsn galn-lsn but the varsity were holding in the pinches and getting away wltti some fine kicks. Wlnchenbark also did a laudable Job of booting for the medics, his rooming punts averaging about four yards although he dd get away with one fine 11-yard 11-yard 11-yard kick, j Medics started their second strlrg Protest outfit in the "second , ha If but when ! Adsit Coarh Rattan started to send his White tea a aurlden fltir ' ' of activity cn i both sidelines and no less than 20 men j rushcl into the game tj. bolster up the two teams. Then fame another 1reak that resulted In varsity's secot.d touchdown. Bill Morse had changrd with Winks and was doing the boot- boot- Team .84 93 .87 90 .72 73 3 95 92 67 Team 18 .83 86 91 .82 82 82 ,.74 88 79 1259 Team 19 .89 89 91 113 lift 493 .93 95 79 93 80 442 .70 73 87 39 84373 Total I Team 6 i D. McMahon 91 R8 103 Thomas ...80 81 83 Hagar ....83 82 79 Kig. Varsity kicked to the medics' ve-yard ve-yard ve-yard line and when Morse attempted attempted to "punt out of danger, Damon Damon blocked the punt. Sirois recovering. recovering. DeRose went off right tackle frrr three yards and a touchdown. Tim Halligan drop kicked the extra point. Again varsity kicked off and here the medics made a great show'.rg Total Intercollegiate Harriers Run Today - i 88 104 476 i 77 76 399 83 76r 403 i i 99 92463 76 111436 76 100388 .1307 87 86 82 82429 87 419 88 411 .1280 -V -V NEW YORK. Nov. 25. ;P Penn State's harriers and more particular-' particular-' particular-' iy. Bill cox. the Nlttany Lions' ace. will be strong favorites when the Intercollegiate Intercollegiate A. A, A. A. cross-country cross-country cross-country cross-country championship under

Clipped from The Burlington Free Press26 Nov 1928, MonPage 15

The Burlington Free Press (Burlington, Vermont)26 Nov 1928, MonPage 15
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