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I f mS&mX WERNER li if nn Tnnniir u.k.ivi. iu ihumx . TEAMJF STARS Next Saturday Catamounts Will Play Medical College Eleven Which Boasts Some Famous Gridsters T Anotner big football game, which may prove on of the big attractions 1tf the season has been scheduled for Burlington Saturday when the University University of Vermont will tackle an all-star all-star all-star medic eleven. The Catamounts came out of the Middlrbury clash In alr shape. Coach Rattan'a eleven showed more power against the Black Panthers than exhibited against any other opponent to date. Vermont has certainly lost tl breaks this season and although several members of the ao,uad who played last year contend that this years team Is better than '27, the Cats have yet to turn In a victory. Only two more games remain on the list, this affair with the medics Saturday and the annual Thanksgiving Day game at Springfield. Springfield Is favored to defeat the Orren and Oold despite the progress the Ver-monters Ver-monters Ver-monters have shown in a late season spurt and the Cats should have little nr nr show anain't the medics Saturday. Saturday. riaylng In that medic team will be a host of stars who have never before appeared In this section. Among them will b" Ocorge Tully, assistant coach at U. V. M. who. a few years a. was an all-American all-American all-American end at Dartmouth Dartmouth and who, as 'late as last season, season, was playing professional football in the National League. Paired with Tully on th5 opposite flank will be Kddy of Midcllrbury. a trlsport star U!i the Blue and White who. two rears ago. was a dashing wing on the t-am t-am t-am that defeated the Orren and1,,,, rhnre. in nollcv marked the Oold. Morehouse of Brown, one of 0prnin(f 0f general sessions of the the famrd "iron man." will play cen- cen- 40th annual comention of the Na-irr Na-irr Na-irr for the prescription signers and ttonal Amateur Athletic Union today. S.iste. a star tackle la.t year with ; Columbia will play In the line. : Boston nd Baltimore waged a MORSE Bill Morse, end, and Werner, guard, former Vermont football stars, who win play with medica against tarsity Saturday. I j 1 I j ) M. U. oris STORMY SE IS 3 NEW OPPONENTS M ITS Awards of Championship Eveits, Disciplinary Administrative Acts Mark First Day and Etc. Norwich Grid Team to Play IT. S. Coast Guard Acad emy, Worcester Tech Brown In 1929 By F. G. VOSnURGH (Associated Press Sports Writer) NEW YORK, Nov. 19. P Burst of oratory out of which came a steady Stream OI rejecwa or ti:u , h, hi-rtul.. hi-rtul.. hi-rtul.. nf ioht tramM innoimr ords. awards of championship events. f tf tonignt by Major Potter director disciplinary and administrative ac of atnietlcs The new comers are fnited .f-r(rtl .f-r(rtl .f-r(rtl In Ike Frrt rrr NORTHFIELD, Nov. 19. Three op poncnts not played by Norwich this fall appear on the Cadets 1929 foot the Academy of i , ; i ! j Guard , and States Coast New London, Conn ' Worcester Tech and Brown. All th- th- nihrr iQ-a iQ-a iQ-a Kn-irh Kn-irh Kn-irh nnnnnt, nrt. I mouth, Colby, M. A. C, Vermont and i neVl'rdT I? thVXSneW 0Ut V & V k Vln? ' 28. Dartmouth he guards. In the backneid. - ,t,rmv session of the board of gov- gov- , Boom Wlnch-nback. Wlnch-nback. Wlnch-nback. well known as (.,, h. i riistanc run- run- I . . four-sport four-sport four-sport man at Vermont and the j nlrir coir.mittee had reported in favor j orth-! orth-! orth-! """"" "." " CI uailimore. bwujh (cu w Amherf Ctrtnhpr 2fi Vermont at position on the eleven while with the nfttlonal Ktxm boxing championship ! Meid- Meid- Number WoreestJr ! Orem and Oold will pilot the medics. ; wnlrh lt nM heid for 28 years. New T ltL'yJ, York and Chicago lost out fdlrburv at Mlddleburv! NrnTmber IS I The present Connecticut Assooauon - Trnxt,' ' Speed ' Drnnlng. captain of Vermont pitched bRttIe over the tward of the Zn ie ar two years, will be the otlvr medic j niarathon championship with Boston . mF" ,' f, - .--1.1- .--1.1- .--1.1- .--1.1- .--1.1- -.1.1, -.1.1, tf . rmm-, rmm-, rmm-, . I . . . -... -... nn i m lie IfllU Ui ltv .ai. ivuuna incKir Mriuci i-i i-i i-i r.ui.n la i WWininsT OUl DV a VOLe Ol J W mv ui k- k- no rv.n,,,tk .t ti ..... one of the guards. In the backfleld. I a ,tor .Piston of the board of gov- gov- j lr" B; X" . A " "I : ,h, rtitjnre run-I run-I run-I wlUOTr - KJ- KJ- - ernors after tn? long aisrance run rwtrer i rnih t ! v October 19, M. A. C. at! Bin Chief Forr, at one time the greatest schoolboy back in the State and later a star pitcher for Vermont, will play one of the halves. Gardner, another Vermont doctor will play at the other half and "Big Bill" Morse, end and back on Ton Keady's 1925 eleven and 1.UT baseball captain at Vermont will play fullback. Undoubtedly it Is one of the greatest greatest collection or grid stars ever gathered gathered together on the hill and the team promises to be In shape for the eomtnir tilt. The whole squad has of the A. A. U. and a new one built around Yale j University and nine swimming cr track and n?ld clubs in the State, this action being an outgrowth of President Murray Hulbert's susprn-, susprn-, susprn-, slon of the association lor anrgea snorts romnMlf ive oualifications of its i students" without obtaining further ! information as to their qualifications, j This privilege previously has been al- al- j ..!...! rnH. hn rr- rr- lowed onlv the United States military , tain boxing clubs. Argument on a constitutional amendment lookinz toward ereatcT b"en working out at s-cret s-cret s-cret sessions j co-operation co-operation co-operation with college and unl-fnr unl-fnr unl-fnr the past wrek while the majority j versltles precipitated a statement from cf the men havs bnen In training all ; l. d Benedetto of New Orleans. s?c-scason. s?c-scason. s?c-scason. Tully and Wlnrhenbaek have I rPtary of the southern association, bcrn avisfing Conch Rattan tn whip- whip- t that college men "all over the coun-rlna coun-rlna coun-rlna the Cats into shop", this year ! , ftr(. receivinz as much as $150 a hlle Gardner. Werner and Eddy have been out with the squad all season. season. Another medic star who may play in this game will ? Claire Cay-ward, Cay-ward, Cay-ward, at one time a speed back and a four letter man at Vermont who U at present coaching the varsity basketball basketball team. month for playing summer baseball. There followed a frank acknowledgment acknowledgment from J. Lyman Bingham, graduate graduate manager of athletics at Denver University, that summer baseball for pay is allowed athletes of that institution. institution. and naval academies. ! With the new rule in force, it was I j brought out th? A. A. U. must decide ; what colleges lt believes come tip to I I the standard outlined. It is at liberty ! to reject certifications cf colleges of which it does not approve. : i j ', Di Benecctto's attack on college men who play baseball for money was i Intended to show that not all such ; institutions compel their athletes to t ! follow strictly the amateur code, end I i als to point a contrast between the "$150 a month college vacation ball player" and the boy who once took $5 for encasing in a boxing bout, Such a case as the latter arose and rejected in a f ght the boxer's amateur status was not

Clipped from The Burlington Free Press20 Nov 1928, TuePage 15

The Burlington Free Press (Burlington, Vermont)20 Nov 1928, TuePage 15
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